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Saturday, October 1, 2011

MultiMediaArts Ad

October 2, 2011, 2:47pm

I finally managed to put the LPU MMA ad on my sidebar.
Waaaa~ My head aches like hell now. >.< Anyway, it was really challenging to do...I went to many different sites that I really don't know yet just to help myself work with it. Thanks to my boyfriend, he was there talking to me the whole time so I never got really mad and impatient ('cause I really tend to get mad and impatient everytime I work on something hard or time-consuming). So there...you can see the ad that I made on the lower right side of this blog. I am still tending to some errors on the sidebar, but I guarantee that the ad is already working fine in this post. Thanks everyone, gotta rest.


So Here is the thing that I've been working on for a couple of hours before. Yes, for a couple of hours...I've been wondering on my own how to link buttons to Lyceum of the Philippines University's main site. It was sooo hard to figure out. And add to that the other puzzle I've worked on,...
"How to put it on my blog?"

Oh well, since I can't put it on the side bar right now, I'll just put it here temporarily.

The Lyceum of the Philippines University, is now holding Multi Media Arts classes. The said course is really challenging and fun. If you are interested in learning stuff like what is included in this ad, then enroll now. ^__^

-Jenny Rome Del Rosario
(1st year 2011-2012, MMA student in LPU)


  1. huwaaa!~
    congratulations on your first .swf file upload here on blogspot!
    i must say, im pretty impressed with your knowledge about this stuffs considering it hasn't been discussed yet... simply amazing... :))

  2. I need to thank you also...for trying to help me. ^__^

  3. yeaahhh cool MULTIMEDIA.. jenny na jenny talaga ahh :) nice

  4. Nkakatuwa! Diretcho tlga s registration form... Xd astiiiig!